nicholas mckenzie

{web developer}

nicholas mckenzie

{web developer}

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I’m a Front End Developer based in Toronto. For the past 6 years I have been a Stay-at-Home Dad to Harrison. Now that my son is older, I’m excited to continue my career!

When I'm not in front of VS Code, you're likely to find me watching Raptors basketball, at the gym or working on another Lego project with my son.


My previous experience working in IT and education in Psychology informs my approach to development: understanding how people think is just as important as understanding technical components. I’m looking to explore opportunities that challenge me as a developer and work with a team that would benefit from life experience, perseverance and a solutions-focused mindset.

Check out some of my projects below. If you want to get in touch you can contact me using the email form or reach out via LinkedIn or Twitter.


  • html5

  • css3

  • javascript

  • jquery

  • react

  • Firebase icon


  • git

  • github

  • sass

  • visual studio


Screenshot of the Dine and Dash application

Dine and Dash

A fun app that helps users find a nearby restaurant and closest means of skipping out on pedalling away from the bill!

  • Users can search locations worldwide

  • Filter and sort restaurants by rating, cuisine and price

  • Choose a restaurant for more details and see an interactive map with route guidance to nearest bike share location

  • Built using HTML5 | CSS3 | React | REST APIs | Sass

Screenshot of the Ladybug Run application

Ladybug Run

An app inspired by a coding toy my son has that aims to foster understanding of object oriented programming and encourage his skills in problem solving, critical thinking, planning & sequencing

  • Users select from a list of movement modules in an effort to guide the ladybug to safety

  • Built using HTML5 | CSS3 | Javascript | jQuery | Sass

Screenshot of the Shoe Kloset PSD conversion

Shoe Kloset

A multi-page PSD conversion

  • Features a fully responsive design and renders beautifully across all devices

  • Built using HTML5 | CSS3 | Sass